I am 28 years old and was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. Soon I will begin my fourth and final year of  a Bachelor of Communication in Journalism and have an intense passion for all things visual.

My passion for photography led me to makeup school about 8 years ago, truly because I thought being a photographer would be too expensive. (You can’t hear the hysteric laughter echoing through my head as I say this.. if you don’t know, makeup is ridiculously expensive, and oh yeah, it expires).

As I learned in great detail how to apply makeup to a variety of skin types, tones, ages, and genders, all with the intention of making a person look their best on film, my desire to play a different role in the industry grew. Not only that, but I learned little bits about the eye of a photographer along the way. I became an expert in my field, but I still had that nagging feeling that photography was something I needed to pursue.

I had the opportunity to work on set with some of Calgary’s most skilled and talented photographers while fulfilling internships with I Model Management and Artist Group. These people produced work, in fashion mostly, that pushed boundaries and was immaculately executed. I simply had to learn more.

So here I am today, working away at my degree and taking additional courses to expand on my knowledge of photography specifically. I have taken additional courses in portrait photography and am planning to expand this base continually. Throughout my time so far at Mount Royal University I have discovered that my passion does not end at photography. Now video and audio projects are emerging as key points of interest to explore further. I am looking forward to building my portfolio now as a journalist, photographer, and videographer.

Up to this point I have had both written works and visual projects published on the Calgary Journal’s online platform as well as a profile piece published within its print edition. A great deal of my work has been focused on dance arts, and more specifically Calgary’s dance community. I am an arts advocate based on my personal history within the area of dance, but more recently I have worked on pieces with subjects including economics, infrastructure, and small business.

In April of 2017 I began my internship at ReThink Media in High River as a commercial photographer and was able to expand my knowledge of mobile studio photography, especially in dance studios. During this time I also had the opportunity to further my videography experience and operated a crane camera system while filming dance performances.